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Published by Prime 3D in Prime 3D General, SL General, IW General on 09/28/15 @ 09:46:00 am

Announcing a 2-way and 3-way reciprocal linking program for the Prime 3D blog site. Thanks to Cosette Winslet @ Fabric Lab in Second Life for the suggestion!

2-WAY Reciprocal Linking
This form of linking is an A <-> B format. We place your logo/link on the Prime 3D blog sidebar. You place our logo/link on your site back to the Prime 3D blog. 2-way links will be hosted at

3-WAY Triangular Linking
This form of linking is an A -> B -> C format and available for RL-specific sites. We place your logo on the sidebar of the main Prime 3D blog page at You place our logo image on your blog or website linking to our rl site at

NOTE: Links must not use rel="nofollow" because this defeats the purpose of the exchange.

Get In On The Action
Merchants who wish to participate should submit the following info to our contact form or contact a Prime 3D admin in-world for other methods of submitting your info:

  1. Specify 2-way or 3-way linking, or both. If both, submit items #1-5 twice in the same message, with info for both exchange types.
  2. Your merchant name and store name, or RL business name.
  3. Provide a link to your 200 x 100 24-bit logo.
  4. Provide a URL or SLURL that we should use to link to you.
  5. The dimensions and format of the logo image *we* should submit to *you*, for display on *your* site, and where we should send it.

Send the above info via our contact form with the subject line "Prime 3D Link Program @ SL" or "Prime 3D Link Program @ IW" depending on which grid you are linking.

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