Rental Rules and Restrictions

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Tips and Suggestions for Commercial Land Rentals in Virtual Worlds

Welcome to Prime 3D!

Now that you've moved in (or are in the process of moving in) to your commercial land parcel, here is a checklist of things to keep in mind:

  1. Generally what you get out of a store rental is based on what you put into it, and how well you promote it, so taking time to set up engaging displays, stands, and showcases is well worth it as it attracts visitors and turns them into customers while inviting them to stay longer in your store. Also remember that participation in on-sim promotions is free to renters.
  2. You should assign your parcel to your own group. This will allow you to rez vendors under your group and offer group discounts, group-only items, etc. You generally cannot do this in a typical mall rental.
  3. In the land panel, set your parcel name, a good detailed description, landing point, and land image. The image you use there will appear on landmarks created in that parcel. Optionally, set a media stream for music inside your store.
  4. A) In the land panel, disable "Build" for "Everyone" and enable it for "Group". This will prevent random people from rezzing items in your store. Griefers look for open build permissions.
    B) In the land panel, make sure "Object Entry" is enabled for "Everyone". This will allow vehicles to travel through your parcel, in those instance where a store sits over a road, etc.
  5. A) In the land panel, make sure that you enable the option for "Show this place in search" and optionally set a category.
    B) Enable the checkmark for "Show in Search" for each of your vendors and other items you wish to appear in in-world search. Choose good titles and descriptions for each of your vendors and other items, as those are the words that will be indexed for search.

NOTE: If you don't do both 5A *and* 5B, your items and vendors will not show up in in-world search. It's one of the biggest benefits of having your own parcel, so don't skip this step!

A Few Simple Rules

- No floating text.
- Try to keep light sources within reason. An item like a small candle should not have a 10m light source.
- If you have sound effects inside your store, please restrict them to your parcel.
- Regarding inventory givers... If a person clicks on the item because they want a landmark or notecard, that's fine. If it automatically spams them with items when they walk into or near your store, please remove it or it will be returned to you.

The In-Depth Rules and Mostly Common Sense Stuff

Excessive script usage will be closely monitored. We urge you to use low-lag vending systems and restrict your non-essential scripted decorations as much as possible. Remember, this is a shared environment. Excessive script usage not only affects your own customer's visiting experience, but that of every visitor to the sim. Be courteous to your neighbors.

Please try to restrict your use of textures to no more than 512px along any axis. This is a courtesy not only to your own customers, but to your fellow store owners and also to random visitors to the sim as well. A 1024x1024 texture typically requires 4x as long to download as a 512x512 texture, and 16x as long as a 256x256 texture.

Absolutely no unsolicited inventory givers of any kind. For example, a passive landmark giver is fine (i.e. the visitor must click on it to receive it). If the inventory giver actively offers items to any person within range without being clicked on first, it is not permitted. Active inventory givers, active group joiners, and shouters of any kind will be immediately returned to you by a sim officer.

Absolutely no huge light sources. There's no reason why a ceiling light or candle or neon sign should illuminate a 10-20m radius. Let's strive for realism! If items are found with massive light sources, a sim officer will contact you to scale it back. If no response is received after 48 hours the item will be returned to you. Additionally, since the total visible number of light sources is limited by the OpenGL standard, please make an attempt to consolidate your light sources wherever possible. For example, instead of displaying 3 separate floor lamps each with a 3m light source, remove the light source from 2 of them and give the 3rd lamp a 3-4m light source instead. It's much more efficient that way and doesn't affect the visual quality of the display.

Absolutely no floating text is permitted anywhere on the sim. This goes for the inside of your store as well, because it can "bleed through" into neighboring stores. Any items with floating text will be immediately returned to you by a sim officer.

Arcade or monetary games (i.e. Zyngo, etc) are not permitted inside or outside any rental space.

If you have a question about any of these guidelines or about something not listed here, please ask a sim officer for clarification.

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