First Thaw Full Perm Market 2016 Vendor List

Published by Prime 3D in SL Events on 01/15/16 @ 01:00:00 pm
First Thaw Full Perm Market 2016 Vendor List

Welcome to the Second Annual "First Thaw - Full Permission Market Fair"
A full permission Spring / Valentine's Market Fair
Sponsored by E&D Engineering / Primmersive®
January 16 - February 14, 2016

The First Thaw Market Fair, hosted on the Prime 3D sim in Second Life, welcomes participation from Full Permission designers of textures, mesh, sculpts, templates, and animations.

Visitors are welcome to explore the sim and take part in the late winter savings!

Participating Merchants Include:

Primmersive / E&D Engineering
Clutter for Builders
Dragons Are Too Seldom, Inc
Fabric Lab
Izzy <3 Mesh
Kiddy Kingdom
Kushi Textures
Love My Textures
Lunar Seasonal Designs
Lyrical B!zarre
Maker's Muse
Nocturnal Couture
Pierre Ceriano
Sour Pickles
Texture Me True
Tool Shed
Trendy Templates
UR Building Components
Virtual Textures

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