The First Thaw Full Permission Market in Second Life

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The First Thaw Full Permission Market in Second Life

Welcome to the Annual "First Thaw - Full Permission Market Fair"
Sponsored by Primmersive® / E&D Engineering
January 16 - February 14, 2016

2016 participants include:

Primmersive / E&D Engineering
Clutter for Builders
Dragons Are Too Seldom, Inc
Fabric Lab
Izzy <3 Mesh
Kiddy Kingdom
Kushi Textures
Love My Textures
Lunar Seasonal Designs
Lyrical B!zarre
Maker's Muse
Nocturnal Couture
Pierre Ceriano
Sour Pickles
Texture Me True
Tool Shed
Trendy Templates
UR Building Components
Virtual Textures

We welcome Full Permission designers of textures, mesh, sculpts, templates, and animations to the Second Annual "First Thaw - Full Permission Market Fair".

The fair is not restricted to spring / Valentine's Day items, but it's to your benefit to include in-theme items, since the timing of the fair coincides with the end of winter, the first emergence of spring, and Valentine's Day itself. Shoppers will be looking for these types of items before Valentine's Day.

After last year's successful debut, we've secured 6 high-visibility promotional spots with, and the event will be covered by a dedicated blogger from SeraphimSL. The SeraphimSL blogger will have access to the market during the setup period and will be covering all market-exclusive sale items! The event will also be promoted via in-world groups and covered on this blog and on this blog's twitter channel.

Rules, Requirements, and Restrictions

Merchants are required to place for sale a minimum of 2 NEW items at the start of the fair which are exclusive to the First Thaw Market for the duration of the fair. A special prim marking these NEW items will be included with the setup materials, and will not count toward prim limits. Merchants are free to rotate items and displays as they choose, but these 2 NEW / exclusive items will be blogged by SeraphimSL and must remain on sale until the fair closes.

! no inventory spammers
! no huge light sources
! no floating text.

Applicants please bookmark this page or this site's feed to be notified of any changes or last-minute info.

That's it!

Available Spaces and Prices

30 Prim Display / 500L
24 Spaces available

*Send payment directly to Eryn Republic in-world at the time you submit your application.
*Merchants with commercial rental spaces on the Prime 3D sim as of Dec 1 participate free of charge!

Important Dates

Dec 15 - Application period begins (Application below)
Dec 30 - Application period ends
Dec 31 - Participant Welcome Packs distributed. Fair posters put on display by participants.
Jan 13 - Table Reservations and setup for Prime 3D commercial tenants begins
Jan 14 - General table reservations and setup begins. SeraphimSL blog coverage begins.
Jan 16 - Fair Begins :)
Feb 14 - Fair Ends :(
Feb 15 - Cleanup and auto-returning of leftovers

First Thaw Market Fair Application

Applicants should copy the text between the ------ and paste them into an inworld notecard.
Name the notecard: First Thaw 2016 App - Avatar Name / Business Name
Drop the notecard in the Prime 3D Sim Management office dropbox.
Send payment directly to Eryn Republic in-world at the time you submit your application.

Your name (no display names):
Your company name:
Your main store Landmark:

Attach your full perm logo here:
(1:1 aspect (square) and 512x512 max)

The full permission resources I sell are my own intellectual property and free of any copyright violations (yes / no):
I have read and understand the fair rules, guidelines, and important dates (yes / no):

We hope to see you at the fair. Your participation will help to make it even more successful than last year!

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