Mid-Summer Uprising Full Perm Market Fair 2015

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Welcome to the First Annual "Mid-Summer Uprising - Full Permission Market Fair"
A full permission summer-themed market fair with a spark of rebellion
Sponsored by E&D Engineering / Primmersive®
June 5th - July 4th, 2015

Click here for a list of participating vendors in the 2015 Mid-Summer Uprising.

The Mid-Summer Uprising Market Fair, hosted on the Prime 3D sim in Second Life, welcomes participation from Full Permission designers of textures, mesh, sculpts, templates, and animations.

The 2015 Mid-Summer Uprising Full Perm Fair in Second Life


@Second Life / Prime 3D | 31 prims | 350L | 4 weeks (June 5 - July 4) | 3 New items required | Full Perm Only


The Mid-Summer Uprising market fair features a combination of themes, but don't forget to include your rebellious side! Visitors to the market fair should expect to see items representing:

- Summer, vacation, outdoor activities, barbecues, and the beach
- The 4th of July, celebrations, and fireworks
- The Revolutionary War, Old-American architecture, rustic living, farming
- A bit of rebellious spirit, resistance, anarchy, and punk rock

These themes are all loosely interwoven, and should allow for a wide group of participating merchants.


1. Fair posters must be displayed in your main store as soon as you receive them, and must remain on display for the duration of the fair.
2. Each merchant is required to place for sale 3 NEW ITEMS during the course of the fair. New items will keep the fair fresh and will entice visitors to return.
3. No floating text, no huge light sources, no shouters or inventory spammers


31 Prim Display / 350L for the duration of the fair
25 Spaces available

Each merchant is allowed 31 prims for their display:
- 29 prims for your products and assorted items
- 1 NEW ITEM rotated-in on scheduled days
- 1 NEW ITEM SIGN to be placed next to the new item. This sign will be supplied in the welcome package.


Welcome Packs will be sent out upon acceptance and receipt of payment. Please make sure you have 1 group slot available for rezzing permissions in the Prime 3D sim group. 100% of participation fees will go to promotion of the fair. Because of this, participation fees are non-refundable.


  • April 15 - Application period begins
  • May 09 - Application period ends and final Welcome Packs distributed. Please contact Eryn Republic in-world if you haven't received yours.
  • May 31 - Market tables set up and table reservations for Prime 3D Commercial tenants
  • June 02 - General table reservations for participants
  • June 04 - Fair setup begins for all participants
  • June 05 - Fair begins, with each merchant including the 1st of their NEW ITEMS
  • June 12 - 2nd NEW ITEM rotated in
  • June 19 - 3rd NEW ITEM rotated in
  • July 04 - Fair Ends


Name the application notecard as follows:

Summer Uprising - FirstName LastName - Company Name

Copy the text below and drop it into the dropbox in the Prime 3D Sim Management Office dropbox located here:

Your name:
Your company name:

Your full perm logo:
(1:1 aspect (square) and 512x512 max)

Your main store landmark:
Your main store SLURL:

The full permission resources I sell are my own intellectual property and free of any copyright violations: (yes / no)

I understand that participation in the Summer Uprising Market requires me to display 3 new items during the course of the fair: (yes / no)

I have read and understand the fair rules, guidelines, and important dates: (yes / no)

EDIT: 26 April 2015: Early applicants have expressed concern regarding the 5 NEW ITEMS requirement during a heavy holiday timeframe. Therefore the NEW ITEM requirement has been reduced from 5 items to 3 items.

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