Two commercial rentals available in Second Life 24 Nov 2015

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Two new commercial rentals are available @ Prime3D in Second Life
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Parcel Rentals at Prime 3D in Second Life

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The Prime 3D sim in Second Life consists of sprawling post-modern architecture with a subtle blend of cyberpunk styling. It is the home of E&D Engineering, the official distributor of textures from Primmersive Designworks, LLC in Second Life. The Prime 3D sim is proud to host some of Second Life's top creative talent.

A sunset view of the Prime 3D region in Second Life

Browse a gallery of the Prime 3D sim in Second Life, and then come visit the sim yourself!

From time to time, parceled commercial land becomes available on the Prime 3D sim. Parceled rentals mean that, as a tenant, you own the land on which your store is located. Unlike a typical shopping mall, parcels provide the merchant with their own distinct land title, description, search keywords, and most importantly, visibility in search results and classified ads.

Commercial tenants at Prime 3D also enjoy the benefit of a weekly promotional list and discounted or free-of-charge participation in market fairs and promotional events hosted in the region.

Please contact a Prime 3D Officer for information about available rentals on the sim.


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Dreamstream Media
eA Land Rentals
E&D Engineering / Primmersive®
Eryn Republic Designs
Fabric Lab
LF Design
Love My Textures
Mesh Agency
Skidz Partz
Texture Me True
The Texture Source
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